How you can Deepen Your Meditation To connect With the Earth

During your meditation, next, open up your eyes to look at the object once more. You’ll likely notice there are some components of the purpose which you didn’t pick up the very first time you looked at the object. Consciously aim to look for these things you might have missed. Try to look at the different elements within the object that most reasonable people would not see. Start to look for all of the ‘interesting’ components in the purpose and bring them into your awareness.

As soon as you’ve studied the object again Then gently shut your eyes and once more see the purpose in your mind’s eye. Begin with what you know about the object and then attempt to add various layers to it. Try to see as much detail as you can within your mind’s eye.

Then whenever you feel you have noticed as much depth in your mind’s eye as you possibly can next open your eyes and once more and research the object for details you may have missed. Then shut your eyes once more and see what you can see within your mind’s eye. Doing this studying of your object, closing your eyes and seeing it inside your mind’s eye strengthens your inner vision. You can use this technique all through your day whenever you have the chance to improve your internal image even more.

After a certain period of meditation, you will have the ability to see objects inside your mind’s eye while having your eyes open. I’ll speak much more about it inside a later chapter, but this is when you start lifting the veil into the other world past the one which we usually see. Nevertheless, within a few months of practicing to see objects inside your mind’s eye, you’ll probably discover your internal eyesight has become relatively robust.

Since you have learnt how to see much more clearly within your mind’s eye try to create an image in your inner vision of your place you’re feeling drawn to in nature to go in your heart stroll. Doing this visualization before you get to your spot starts to create a link with the land.

Like just before, whenever you go to see a buddy, you will most likely see them in your mind’s eye and dwell on experiences you’ve had together and feel nearer to them. Similarly, when beginning to connect into the land. You’re forming a more powerful link with the area by visualizing what it’s like being there. You are starting to set up energy and connection with the land.

You can also do the same together with your hearing. Before heading to the location of my heart stroll I spend some time listening to what it is like being there. I picture what the birds will sound like. I imagine what the rustle in the wind in the leaves should look.

And I picture what the sound in the earth tends to make beneath my footsteps while I walk throughout the bush. Like I imagine in my mind’s eye not just what I am viewing at the place I am drawn to but additionally what I’m hearing. Utilizing meditation techniques on your nature stroll allows you to form a deeper connection.

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