Highlighting Guanacaste Weather Dry Season vs. Wet Season

Highlighting Guanacaste Weather: Dry Season vs Wet Season Costa Rica is a little country in terms of the area there is, however, A lot going on here in terms of their weather. Costa Rica is a kind of tropical country situated between 8 and 11 North latitude, which is reasonably near to the equator. Although in the mountains above 200 m you can get cooler temperatures the average yearly temperature of the country lies between 21.7 Celsius and 27 Celsius.

The weather of Costa Rica is split into two major seasons: the dry and stormy season. Across the year, there are no significant temperature variations between the two seasons. The average temperature of the country varies roughly around 10 degrees from one season to another season.
The climate of Guanacaste is highly seasonal.

Guanacaste experiences little rain and consistent rain from November to April and experiences a wet season during late May, and Nov. Guanacaste experiences a rainy season and rains from one or two hours to few days. The primary reason for the variety in the weather of Guanacaste is thanks to the various elevations at which the different parts of the area are found. As an example, Guanacaste weather has a dry arid climate as it sits on the lowlands.

The perfect time to do Guanacaste vacations is year around. No matter if you visit during the rainy season or during the dry season both seasons provide superb advantages. The wet season brings the trees into bloom with explosions of perfumes and colors while the dry season offers masses of sunshine. The green trees carpet the hills.

The best time to visit Guanacaste is from December to April since this is the dry season of the area. In this season tourism is heavier. This suggests that it is tricky to find great attractions and costs because they are regularly crowded. The place of Guanacaste is generally known for having warm and sunny days all year round with occasional rains in the late afternoon during the rainy season. The dry season is intense in Guanacaste with no rainfall for several months.

Stormy season, on the other hand, is a great time to visit Guanacaste since everything begins to turn green flowers start to blossom and you can relax after a lot of activity in the morning with the tune of nature and rain. This season is more characterized as stormy during the end of May until the mid of November. The only time to avoid in Guanacaste might be the mid-September to the end of October when longer of times of rains are frequent.

At this season Customarily the mornings are hot and bright while the afternoons are characterized by heavy downpours that start around 2 or 3. The amazingly wet season is a type of season wherein you can enjoy the bike rides beaches and pony riding. This season is also perfect for rafting. At this time you may visit the Guanacaste’s Gold Coast. So basically all the out of doors activities are possible during this season.

The main reason for the variety in the weather of Guanacaste is due to the different elevations at which the different parts of the area are found. As an example, Guanacaste weather has a dry, dry, climate as it sits on the lowlands. At this time you may also visit the Guanacaste’s Gold Coast.

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