10 Tips On How To Make Your Online Testimonials More Believable

1. Pictures Asking people if they would email a picture with their testimonial is one way. In case they don’t have one scanned then what you can do is have them send their picture by mail and you could scan it. Your testimonials will be given more credibility because of this technique. 2.

Electronic Signatures There are text signatures in most online testimonials that you see. You could people upload their written signature with their testimonial once they have mailed it and scanned it. Because of this, people will feel that the testimonial is more official. 3. Online Audio You could record people’s testimonials with a mini tape recorder over the phone on your answering machine or voice mail.

Then you could convert the recording into an online audio file and upload it to your web site. You can find more information about converting audio recordings by typing ‘real audio at a search engine. POSTCARDS Have people mail you their testimonial on a postcard scan it and upload it to your web site. Because it will have a postmark on it this will then give the people proof that the testimonials are not fake. PROFILES Ask people to include a profile of themselves with their testimonial.

How about asking them to just answer some questions such as occupation age hobbies favorite quote and so on. Doing this will make your testimonials more entertaining to read. Using Hand Written Letters The ‘electronic signature’ tip is similar to this. Scan and upload the entire written testimonial or letter to your web site. With this, your testimonials will be given a feel of realism.

RECORDINGS With a mini tape recorder you could record the testimonials of people over the phone. Taking the recording and record it to an answering machine or voice mail system is the next step. Include a phone number they can call to hear the actual testimonial under each one. Using Email Messages When you get email testimonials the entire email message should be published instead of just the contents. It will be more believable because it will include the date-time subject who it’s from and who it’s to.

Using Contact Information Ask people if you could include their contact information under the testimonial when you get testimonials from people. This will allow potential customers to ask your current customers questions about your product or service before they buy. They will usually trust them more than they trust you. 10. Online Video Ask them to record their testimonial on video and send it to you if some of the people who give you testimonials have a camcorder.

You could then convert the video to an online video file and upload it to your site. You can find more information about converting audio recording’s by typing ‘real video’ at a search engine.